Piper Dog Wet Platinum Pure Food Beef With Brown Rice

رمز الصنف:DNP-025

سعر البيع1.000 BD

متضمن ضريبة القيمة المضافة حساب الشحن عند الخروج

PIPER PLATINUM PURE with beef and brown rice.

Forage PIPER PURE through the use of a protein source, has the characteristics of the feed suggested for signs of intolerance or food allergy. PIPER PURE covers 100% of the daily requirements of adult dogs for all nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The food comes in three flavors, each with its own special features. Beef provides fat with a very varied composition of fatty acids, which provide the dog with energy, and brown rice, through the content of dietary fiber, improves digestive functions.

The size of the animal
Medium and large breeds
59% beef, beef broth, natural brown rice 5%, minerals.



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