Hoco E47 Wireless Headset Car Charger White

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Bluetooth headset with car dock as QC - Hoco E47.

Allows you to answer and hang up automatically. The dual USB port allows you to charge up to two portable devices at the same time, one of which supports fast QC charging, so you can reduce the time it takes to fully charge the device.

Receive and hang up automatically - just remove the E47 handset from the docking station and place it in your ear to answer the call and place it back to end the call.

Ergonomic shape makes the handset fits perfectly in your ear, ensuring comfortable use.

luetooth version: V5.0 JL

Headphone charging voltage: DC5V

  Charging time: approx. 1,5h

  Battery capacity: 35 mAh

Connection time / music: 2.5h

Standby time: 50h

Output: USB1: 5V-3.1A;

Talk time:
2,5 h
Emergency hours:
50 h
Charging time (h):
1,5 h
Weight (g):
48 g

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