Louis Varel Vibes Intense Eau De Parfum Women 100ml


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Louis Varel Vibes Intense Eau De Parfum Women 100ml

Vibes fragrances are launched to convey a significant message to the world, illustrating ethereal scents that enrich positivity, in surrounding oneself with Creativity, Love, Passion, and Kindness VIBES INTENSE for Women is a classy, powdery essence of the woman s demeanor. The cypress and blackcurrant create space for a calm and relaxed woman who understands, not only the meaning of her life but its significance of it. It is a delightful cashmere world she lives in, filled with happiness, and prosperity, as well as her friend Jasmine. Jasmine is complimented with ambry wonders that engulf the woman's world. It is a fruity, floral fragrance that is full of fresh essences, surrounded by a sweet, Vanilla, Eastern Cedar Wood background.

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