ONIKUMA X15pro Head-mounted Gaming Sports Headphones Noise-cancelling Subwoofer Surround Sound Band HD Microphone

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1. The earphone adopts light material design, the double-head beam design is light and comfortable, focusing on the game wearing experience, and the head beam is cool and RGB light guide bar shines;

2. Use soft earmuffs, sweat-proof and sweat-proof, wear cool in the hot summer, and it is comfortable to wear for a long time. The adjustable headband is suitable for different head shapes.

3. Highly sensitive microphone makes sound transmission more accurate, clearer and smoother;

4. The ear shell is equipped with volume control keys and microphone switch keys

5. Using 50mm super large sound unit, three-frequency balance, accurate positioning, left and right stereo speakers, to achieve three-dimensional sound quality.


Speaker size: 50mm

Impedance: 15Ω+-15%,

Sensitivity: 102+-3db,

Frequency range: 20HZ-20KHZ

Microphone size: 6.0*5.0mm

Microphone sensitivity: -38+-3dB

Microphone impedance: ≦2.2KΩ

Directionality: omnidirectional

Line length: 2.0M+-0.15

LED working voltage: DC5V+-5%

Working current: ≦180mA

Headphone jack: USB+3.5MM

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