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Singer M2105: finally a simple, reliable and complete sewing machine.

The Singer M2105 sewing machine is suitable for both hobbyists and beginners. Equipped with 13 points, which are selected via the rotary knob on the center, it becomes quick and easy to operate.

The variety of stitches and technical specifications make the Singer M2105 the ideal machine for all kinds of daily needs, allowing you a stress-free and difficult seaming experience, also thanks to the pre-set stitch length and width.

For all daily needs. Simple and accurate.

From basic seams (straight stitch) to simple appliqués (zigzag stitch), to fastening the hem of elegant trousers (invisible point) to embellishing a complete furnishing (decorative stitch). You have all the tools not only for your daily sewing needs, but also to let your creativity run wild.

In addition, the four-step option enables buttonholes in minutes for pillows, baby clothes, fashionable clothes and much more.

By simply removing the accessory pocket with one click, you can also use the free arm functionality, ideal for trouser and sleeve hems and other small projects.

Features, sewing tips and functionality in detail.

13 inset stitches, for choice of different stitches for basic seams, decorative seams and more.

Buttonhole in four steps. The eyes are sewn in in four easy steps, which are clearly displayed on the dial of the choice.

Spool front loader for easy loading and feeding without the need for further processes and the fabric surface remains intact.

Built-in thread cutter for cutting top and bobbin threads with an easy handle.

Metal carry handle with 6 rows, useful for professional seam processing, even on the heaviest fabrics.

Step plate to fix the stop plate over the transport clamps of the machine and prevent the fabric from pulling.
Recommended for hand sewing such as quilting, monograms and even button fastening.

Simple selection of intuitive points. The available stitches are displayed on the dial to select the stitches you want to sew.

Adjustable stitch length to choose the straight stitch in one of 3 available lengths, depending on the work in progress.
This feature is recommended in many sewing techniques such as appliqué, appliqué and more.

Adjustable stitch width (5 mm). The size of the zigzag stitch is adjustable between 4 different types and so you can make the place tighter or wider as you want.

Lift for Back Seam: Ideal for stitching backwards to fix the seams at the beginning and end, avoiding the annoying and dry fraying of the fabric.

High-speed seams (750 min) professional speed for faster results.

Metal Sign Thanks to the numbered guidelines on the plate, every creation is accurate and professional.

Robust inner frame made of metal. The internal frame of the machine is made of metal to ensure a long service life.

Swinging metal crochet hook. Safety and robustness in the first place. A solid metal basket provides greater safety and reliability.

Free arm. You will love it.
The detachable accessory pocket allows the free arm function to be used, maximizing the seams of the cuffs, cuffs and other smaller or tubular projects.

Large working range. This very important property makes it possible to sew on any type of fabric.

Press feet. The feet can be easily removed and attached depending on the sewing technique.

Double foot lift: The presser foot has an extra high position to handle even thick fabrics such as curtains at home with the greatest freedom.

Variable needle positions to adjust the needle position to your liking depending on sewing and knitting techniques include stitching, hinge appliqué and much more.

Double needles: The availability of a double coil makes using the twin needle even more comfortable, making the seams even more robust.

Day after day, these features of the Singer M2105 sewing machine become a reliable and valuable sewing companion.

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