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How to use the mini juicer?

1. Before use, please put some pure water into the cup, and turn it on to wash the cup.

2. Cut the fruit into 1.5cm*1.5cm particles, put the fruit particles into the cup, and then pour into some milk or water. Put this machine upside down and turn it on. As soon as the stir core begins to work, turn the machine back, and start to make juice.

3. When the fruit particles are too big to stir, please restart the machine, and you can also shake the machine when it's stirring which will make the juice finer.

4. Before making another taste of the juice, please wash the cup first. Just put some pure water into the cup, and turn it on to wash the cup.

5. Small but mighty powerful: This powerful battery-operated blender can produce 10-12 cups per charge. Simply charge via USB port 2-3 hours before initial use, then add your ingredients and power-on for a tasty smoothie or shake in 90 seconds.


1. For the first time, please charge for 3 hours, the juice cup can not be used during the charging process. Charging treasure, mobile phone plug, computer USB can be changed at will.

2. Before the juice is squeezed, cut the small pieces as much as possible. When adding juice, be sure to add water or milk.

3. Please turn the inverter upside down during use. Shake up and down 45 degrees or 180 degrees after the blade is started. Adjust the shaking speed according to the viscosity of the food.

4. When cleaning, do not place the base in the water to clean it, and waterproof it into the base to damage the electronic components.

5. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using this product.

Package Included:

1 * USB juicer cup

1 * USB charging cable

1 * User Manual

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