Royalford Double Wall Marble Vacuum Flask 1.0 Liter White

SKU: RF9591

Sale price4.050 BHD


1.0L Double wall Marble Vacuum Flask1x6

  • LARGE CAPACITY AND STAINLESS STEEL BODY - The New Stainless Steel Double Wall Isolating Royalford Vacuum Flask is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. Their stainless steel exterior and interior is strong, sturdy and can last a long time without any problems. It has a large capacity of 1 litre, which is good enough to store several cups or glasses of both hot and cold beverages. Great for tea, coffee, water, hot and cold milk, juice, hot chocolate and more!
  • SCREW TOP LID, 1L CAPACITY - Another great feature of this double wall isolating jug is the screw top lid. The lid of this stainless steel flask can be screwed on normally and ensures that no liquid or beverage spills or falls out of the flask accidentally. Generous 1 litre capacity - perfect for use in the home, meetings, functions and catering use. Elegant brushed finish is complemented by non-BPA lid and handle for ultra-safe food and drink consumption.
  • EASY DISPENSER - The Stainless Steel Isolating Flask comes with a pointed dispenser to ensure easy pouring of drinks. This way, the user can simply hold a cup or glass below the flask and pour the beverage into the cup/glass as required. Keep every drink at just the right temperature with a little help from the Vacuum Insulated Pot. And it is Leak-proof which makes it portable, you can carry it with ease.
  • HOT AND COLD BEVERAGES, LOCKS IN HEAT - The thermal vacuum flask can carry both hot and cold beverages and maintain the optimal temperatures for both for easy drinking. Vacuum insulation technology with release button not only locks in heat and cold, but also flavour and freshness. Simply press down on the red release button to start pouring then release to re-seal the jug. Easy grip stay cool handle offers convenient one handed use - and it's simple to fill, drain and dry.
  • LOCK SYSTEM - The dispenser of Isolating has an automatic lock system. This system prevents the mouth from accidentally pouring out drinks in case the flask is tipped or falls over. The flask comes with an attached handle that allows the user to carry the flask with ease wherever they wish to take it, without the worry of needing a separate bag to carry it.

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