Krypton Wall Fan 16 With Remote

SKU: KNF5242

Sale price14.180 BHD


16"Wall Fan With Remote/3Speed/5Leaf1x2


  • WALL MOUNTABLE REMOTELY CONTROLLED FAN - Perfect for the hot summer months, you'll appreciate a fan that moves the air quicker with less noise and effort. This fan is wall mountable which enables it to be positioned out of the way and not taking up any floor or desk space. The fan has adjustable tilt to aim airflow exactly where you need it. The remote control allows you to manage the air as and when you need it.
  • SLEEK MODERN DESIGN - Made from thin bands of Poly-coated metal safety grill prevents any user injuries and damages to the fan itself, and ABS plastic blades for maximum strength and portability. This electric cooling fan has fine modern look and is light enough to position easily for optimal air flow.
  • SPEED SETTINGS - Choose from energy-efficient speed settings to temper its high winds, and tilt the frame to adjust the direction of the breeze to better improve airflow. The quiet operation means that the only evidence of its presence will be the gentle breeze in the room
  • TIMER FUNCTION - For peace of mind we have given this fan a built-in timer function which allows you to set the fan to run up to 4 different timer modes. This is perfect if you plan to leave the fan on overnight; simply set the timer and drift off to sleep in a cool room in the safe knowledge that it will switch itself off when you wanted it to. This will save energy and give you peace of mind that you're not leaving an device on for the whole night.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR - Krypton fan has a dynamic high power motor which will ensure that the blades turn at a high speed to generate cool air quickly. Unlike other fans on the market, this powerful motor sets it apart from other fans as it performs much better and with significantly more power. Additionally, being wall mounted enables the fan to blow air forward from a height to circulate a larger area in the room which means it spreads further and is more effective.

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