Royalford 7.3L Double Layer Steamer Pot Silver

SKU: RF9948

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Eat healthily and stay healthy with a Stainless Steel Steamer Pot.Royalford brings premium quality highly durable stainless steel double layer steamer pot with Stay-Cool Handles, transfers uniform heat to Steaming your favourite foods from seafood, fish, shellfish, lobster, beef, pork, crab, broccoli, poultry, tofu, vegetables, and grains, veggie, soup, rice, sticky rice, clam, baby food, Asian steamer Chinese dumplings and dim sum. You can enjoy your healthy meal with your family with your favourite food.

  • This Royalford steamer pot is double layer so it saves your time as you can steam rice and salad at the same time. Stay cool handles lets you lift over steamer pot easily with comfort and mental peace. Also, it has designed perfectly for hassle-free cleanup. You can wash your steamer pot using detergent and brush with plain water. This steamer pot is dishwasher safe.
  • Steaming vegetables rather than microwaving improves the flavour and keeps the nutrition and minerals. It is also great for steaming dumplings and it works perfectly for boiling eggs and chicken. You can boil and cook pasta and strain spaghetti with the insert. Our large 2 tier steamer can be used as a multifunction stockpot like Induction, hot plate, gas burner, ceramic, stovetops, halogen. 
  • Two stackable pans are designed to separate dishes ergonomically to prepare different dishes simultaneously for special dietary needs which saves your time. This Royalford stainless steel steamer pot and the lid are more durable than traditional pots for a lifetime of use. 

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SKU 105-RF9948
Brand Royalford
Display Color SILVER
Country of Manufacture China

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