4pcs Adjustable Partition Drawer Divider Partition Drawer Manager Storage Separator Wardrobe Closet Divider Office

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Color: White
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When you have a messy desk drawer, is there a bit agitated about it?Don't worry, creative drawer partitions to help you solve the problemWhether it is desk drawer, closet drawers, dresser, trunk space .... etc,as long as you put the item in accordance with the memory with the multipurpose drawer partitions separates one by oneThey can be mounted in various combinations from space! free stitching versatile plastic drawer partitions installedDimensions: 47 * 7 * 2cmColor: white, pinkInstalledMaterial: high quality ABS plasticHow to use:1 pinch your fingers need to intercept a lock in the side, take break the required lengthand2 cannot be repaired after breaking, so you must determine the length before you break3 show your creative, split in the look you needThe length of the spacer fitting can be adjusted according to the size of the drawer / crop, underwear, socks, tie , perfect storage! Drawer neat, no longer worry

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