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The PanzerGlass Premium Glass screen protector is specially tailored for your device. The premium quality glass screen protector is only 0.4mm thick, very scratch resistant and easy to install yourself.

Full screen functionality

When using this high-quality glass screen protector from the PanzerGlass brand, your device remains fully functional. In fact, you do not notice that there is a screen protector on the screen. The glass is very smooth and feels the same as the screen of your device. Because the glass screen protector is very thin, it will never form an obstacle.

Easy installation

A PanzerGlass screen protector is easy to apply to your device. An extensive manual and various cloths are included with which you can thoroughly clean the screen before installation. Then position and apply the PanzerGlass in an instant. Unlike other screen protectors, a PanzerGlass is not glued, but adheres automatically after application.

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