Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Kit

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  • Command center connecting other smart devices
  • LED diode shining in 16 million colors
  • Comfortable alarm clock
  • Adjusting downloaded ringtones

An intelligent set that will change your home forever! A set of intelligent sensors will extend the functionality of your home and give you wide automation options. Have direct control over smart devices through a mobile application equipped with a clear interface. Configure device options under your own preferences to take full advantage of the smart home's benefits!

The control hub is connected to an electrical outlet and functions as a receiver of the readings of other sensors. Connects directly to the router via Wi-Fi.

The sensor group connects to the control hub via Zigbee. In addition to the control box, the kit includes: 2 window and door sensors, 2 motion sensors and one wireless switch.

The set of intelligent Mi sensors guarantees a completely new level of automation in your home. From now on you can set rules when your devices are to be active and which functions are to be activated based on sensor readings.

You can connect more purchased sensors separately to monitor an increasing number of rooms. Check availability in your country.

All functions and automated actions are configurable directly in the Mi home application through a very clear interface. Once the kit has been installed, other Xiaomi products in your account will be linked to the Mi Smart Sensor Set, and you will be able to configure these devices freely from the application. Lights light up when you walk past, Purifier air purifiers start working after the door is closed, etc. The possibilities are endless.


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