Invisibleshield Glass Elite Privacy+ Apple Betty 5.4 iphone Screen

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InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy + Anti-bacterial protective glass What is on your phone's screen? Think about all the surfaces you touch during the day. Now think how many times you touch the phone. We transfer germs from the handles of baskets, door handles and bathrooms to our Mobile phone every time we touch it. During the conversation, we put the Mobile phone to our cheek. Or we pass it on to someone else who returns it to us with new germs. • Research has shown that phones contain 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. • Scientists have identified over 7,000 different types of bacteria on phones. • 82% of the bacteria on the fingers of respondents overlap with the bacteria on their phones. Get Rid of 99% of Bacteria Elite + Antimicrobial Technology kills 99.99% of surface microbes on your phone's screen. Materials with antimicrobial properties are embedded in the glass and do not wear out in everyday use. Protect your privacy In a world where everything becomes public, we are still committed to protecting our private data. To protect your privacy, Glass Elite Privacy has been equipped with a two-way privatization filter. It provides full privacy of the entire screen, from every side, so you can be sure that your messages or e-mails will not be read by unauthorized persons while staying in crowded places. The power of aluminosilicate glass The aluminosilicate glass used in Glass Elite undergoes an ion exchange toughening process that increases the surface tension of the glass, making it stronger, more scratch-resistant and more flexible. Glass Elite is the strongest protective glass in its category. The screen without streaks, thanks to the ClearPrint TM technology ClearPrint TM is a unique surface treatment technology, used only in InvisibleShield Glass Elite products. A special olephobic coating makes fingerprints virtually invisible. Sensitive areas under protection The reinforced Glass Elite + edges protect the most sensitive and vulnerable corners and edges of the screen. Smart EZ Apply® technology Sticking glass to the screen of your device has never been easier. Thanks to the Smart EZ Apply® technology, no air bubbles remain between the glass and the display surface. The whole process is additionally facilitated by the non-slip mat included in the set. Thanks to Smart EZ Apply® technology, no air bubbles remain between the glass and the display surface.

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