Cygnett Magmount + Magnetic Disk Mount


Sale price5.240 BHD


This Cygnett MagMount Plus Disc Mount is a great tool to keep in the car or around the house. It allows you to keep your phone, keys, remote, and other objects within easy reach. Thanks to its strong magnetic grip and large metal mounting plate, it doesn't require any adhesive application.
  • This disc mount is handy to keep in the car, workspace, or the home as it keeps your items within reach.
  • It has a secure and strong magnetic grip with a large metal mounting plate, meaning you don't have to use any adhesive and it is ready to go.
  • It can hold up to 250 g and is suitable to use with most current smartphones.
  • Its dimensions are 21 W x 68 D x 118 H mm.
  • It comes in black.
  • Phone cases must have a flat back surface and be thinner than 1.8 mm or the magnet will not form a strong hold.

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