Active Cat Crustal Cat Litter 3.8 L

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Active Cat Crustal Cat Litter 3.8 L


Silica gel cat litter is also called crystal cat litter, used as padding material for cat or other pets. This is a nature products, the main components is SiO2, it is semi-transparent in appearance. During used, the silica gel cat litter can absorb pets' urine immediately without clumping. The adsorption capacity of this type of cat litter can be reach more than 80

  • Type: Pet Cleaning Products
  • Grooming Products Type: Absorb Moisture & Peculiar Smell
  • Operation Type: Manual
  • Waterproof: Waterproof
  • Various Colors: Crystal, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple
  • Shape: Lumpy

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