China Cat Crystal Cat Litter

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China Cat Crystal Cat Litter 10 L


The Kingstar Crystal Silica Cat Litter is made from fine granules of silica, which makes it the easiest cleaning cat litter out there. The odor control feature of the cat litter ensures that your home indoors stays smelling clean and fresh for a longer duration of time

About this item

  • Clumping Cat Litter: Made from all natural clay, it's hard clumping abilities makes clean up easy. Indicator crystals fade after a few exposures to moisture; When all are faded, it's time to replace litter
  • Odor Control: Millions of micro pores in each silica crystal granule act like tiny sponges, quickly absorbing and trapping odor causing particles; Odor control is fast and complete
  • LifeMate: The first clumping cat litter to contain a pH indicator that will change color to help identify common feline health problems before symptoms appear; Litter color changes with your cat's pH levels
  • Pet Comfort: Discover pet accessories including cat litter, clumping cat litter, prairie hay, Paw Thaw ice melter, equine bedding, and small animal bedding available in pine, cedar, aspen and corn cob
  • Pestell Pet Products: As one of the first producers of clumping cat litter and small animal bedding in the market, Pestell has been manufacturing quality pet products for 45 years

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