BanBao Children Building Blocks Brick Construction Toy Fire Station Garage 7102

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The Fire Station Garage from BanBao is the place where the fire engine and helicopter are kept. It only takes a few minutes to deploy these vehicles.


A fire has been reported down the street and the alarm is going off! It turns out to be a waste container. The fire truck is quick and the fireman can easily extinguish the fire, luckily! The helicopter examines the situation from the sky and passes information to the rest of the team.


Build the fire station from the BanBao fire brigade series with the BanBao building blocks!


This toy set includes four characters (Tobees), a fire station, a fire truck, a helicopter and many more accessories.


  • Number of blocks: 505
  • Recommended age: 6-14 years
  • Weight: 1.37 kg
  • Including 4 x characters (Tobees), 1 x fire station, 1 x fire truck, 1 x helicopter, etc.

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