Bearing T&F Shampoo Smelly Hair 600Ml

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Bearing T&F Shampoo Smelly Hair 600Ml

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BEARING Dog Shampoo-Smelly Hair

BEARING Dog Shampoo for fleas and ticks Formula to increase the power of bubbles :   Clean bath, fun bath with the power of bubbles.   Let your favorite and you enjoy soft bubbles with a fresh scent. Helps prevent and get rid of ticks and fleas effectively.   BEARING Dog Shampoo does not leave residue to irritate the skin. Full of fun and joy, without any distractions. 

How to use : Shampoo mix ratio: water   (1:1),   shake the bottle before pouring water to wet hair all over, then wash  BEARING Dog Shampoo and massage until foaming. Pour a little more water until a thick foam is formed. Then rinse with clean water. For best results, use with conditioner to nourish and condition the skin and coat.

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