Beeztees Leather Collar Connex Black 45cm 20mm

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Beeztees Leather Collar Connex  Black  45cm x 20mm

Product Description

The Beeztees Connex Dog Collar is made of genuine leather. This collar is made of waxed full grain leather, which gives the collar a fantastic look. The nice thing about this collar is that all small leather elements are connected to each other. This gives you the idea that it is a braided collar. Nice detail: there is a matching Beeztees Connex Dog Leash available!

- Made of genuine leather
- Adjustable
- Available in 3 colors and 6 sizes

- 33.5-36.5 cm x 20 mm
- 37-40 cm x 20 mm
- 38.5-40 cm x 30mm
- 38-45 cm x 30 mm
- 49-55 cm x 30 mm
- 52-58 cm x 30 mm

Product specifications

Product information

Animal ageAdult dog (2-8 years)
Minimum adjustable length37 cm
Collar typeStandard collar
Package Contents1

Type of animal

Type of animalDog

Dimensions and weight

Product length45 cm
Product width2 cm

Other characteristics

Control via mobile appnew
Maximum adjustable length40 cm
Product weight65g

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