Bic 3 Sensitive 4 Razors 4+2

SKU: FMSH297428

Sale price1.330 BHD


Bic 3 Sensitive Action Triple Blade Disposable Razor - 4 razors with Bic 3 Sensitive, you will not only enjoy better shaving but also feel a tangible advantage in terms of price (compared to traditional 2-blade razors). The Bic 3 Sensitive men's razor with three stainless steel blades is designed for a narrow and close shave.

  • Disposable triple blade razor with lubricating strip vitamin E
  • High-quality stainless steel shaver with a polymer coating and chrome
  • The blade geometry has been adapted to sensitive skin
  • The orange polystyrene handle is easy to hold and use
  • Available in packs of 4.

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