Blanket 1Ply Embossed 160X240Cm 7Lbs

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Blanket 1Ply Embossed 160X240Cm 7Lbs

  • Design – The Mink Fleece Blanket’s splashy designs are colorful and eye-catching. It was partial to the flowery etched pattern in vivid Blue & Pink.


  • Fabric – The material used to make this blanket felt thick and durable. This is the kind of blanket that can take on cold temps with ease



  • Soft – The mink blanket has a velvety, fur-type feel that is addictively warm and comfortable

Mink blankets, commonly referred to as “faux mink” blankets or “faux fur blankets, are acrylic, the supplies and the “softness” while the polyester keeps the mink blanket or throw blanket from wrinkling.


Size: 160 X 240 CM

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