Born To Be Wild

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How wild would it be to build on the eighth continent? Rick and Evie Lane believe that the eighth continent will be theirs to rule forever. There's just one problem: global rule-maker Winterpole won't let anyone move there! Now, the Lane family must rush to create hospitals, homes, schools, and (shocker!) government buildings to prove that their continent is fit for human habitation. But the Lanes aren't the only ones engaged in this race for space. Condo Corp secret CEO Vesuvia Piffle recognizes this as her opportunity to finally snag the eighth continent for herself, if she can knock down enough of the Lanes' buildings and construct perfect, pink, plastic ones in her image, the eighth continent might just finally be hers to make all sugary sweet and spider-free. The Lanes will need to use every resource at their disposal to ensure that their precious eighth continent remains as natural - and wild - as they are. Just as it was born to be.

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