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The Hydro-Pro? Submira Dive Mask by Bestway? is the perfect accessory for a fun underwater experience in the pool or the ocean. Geared for adults, the Submira Dive Mask features wide-view tempered glass lens and a double feathered edge skirt for a precision leak-resistant fit. Available in 3 colors, the mask has a fully adjustable split head strap so it stays in place on your next underwater adventure. Whether swimming or snorkeling, be sure to take along the Hydro-Pro Submira Dive Mask!
  • Dimension 23 x 18 x 8.5 cm.
  • Aqua Prime Mask.
  • Polycarbonate lens with UV protective coating.
  • Double feathered edge skirt for precision leak-resistant fit.
  • Fully adjustable split head strap.
  • 100% latex free.
  • 3 colors: Black – Blue - Red.
  • Recommended age 14+ years old.

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