Bestway Pool Splash & Learn Kiddie 120X117X46

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    This pool has more than one asset! Thanks to the mat, your little one will train to keep balance while he develops his motor skills by passing the foam forms through the correct holes. You can also use it indoors, by not adding water to the mat, but inside the mat, or outside, either by adding a thin layer of water on the mat. , or by not using the mat and filling the pool with water. The choice is yours, depending on your child's wishes or the weather!

    Assembly advice:
    1. Unfold the pool in the chosen location (a flat and straight place)
    2. Open the safety valves and inflate the parts one by one. Close the valves properly.
    3. Place the mat in the pool, then open the water valve to fill it with water until the mat is 8-10cm high.
    4. This pool can be used without the mat: then follow steps 1 and 2, then fill it with water.

    Additional information:
    • Capacity: 45 l
    • Dimensions: 120 x 117 x 46 cm.

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