Bestway Steel Pro Max Round Above Ground Pool

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The above ground pool models belonging to the Steel Pro Max line are considered the most reliable on the market, specially designed by Bestway for those who want to enchance their green space with a pool offering great durability and easy installation. The advantage of owning a pool from the Steel Pro Max line lies in the excellent quality of the materials used for the construction of the pool and in its ease of use which, thanks to the advanced technology of the Bestway FrameLink System, can be carried out on any type of flat terrain.

This innovative sealing and closing system is specially designed to ensure a stable and safe connection between the sections and the pool frame, both during the assembly phase and in subsequent use. The steel connectors are made with a special treatment against rust and corrosion that ensures long life of the pool, and maximum resistance against external agents. It is a system that guarantees the reliability of the pool, in fact, in addition to simplifying installation and assembly through the T and C-shaped connectors, it also ensures perfect support of the supporting structure, preventing bending of the joints and formation of rust inside them.

As anticipated, this above ground pool is one of the most robust and solid models in its category: made up of a circular shape, it is entirely enclosed by a high quality Duraplus triple layer PVC liner patented by Bestway. It is a much more durable material than traditional liner for above ground pools because it is made up of three overlapping and welded layers that guarantee greater stability against the physical stress to which it is subjected and make it ultra-resistant against punctures.

The tub has a diameter of 488 centimeters and a height of 122 centimeters so it allows you to swim and have fun in comfort. The interior of the pool is also decorated with a prism-effect mosaic pattern in order to make swimming in the pool an even more pleasant experience.

Compared to other above ground pools on the market, the Bestway 5612Z Steel Pro Max above ground pool represents an excellent compromise between quality and affordable price: the strength and safety of the structure, the reinforced steel tubes and the quick and easy assembly, make this swimming pool the perfect choice for any family and for those who want to have fun without worries given the affordable cost.

The installation of the pool takes about 20 minutes with the help of 2-3 people, excluding the filling of the pool, and does not require to carry out any type of excavation or any demanding jobs in the garden since everything you need is already included in the package ; the kit contained in the packaging is in fact complete with all the accessories needed for commissioning and to make it immediately ready for use!


Technical features:

  • Dimensions: 488x122cm (diameter, height)
  • Bestway self-supporting above ground pool Steel Pro Max line round
  • Capacity of 19,480 liters of water
  • PVC liner with Duraplus technology (three extra resistant layers), prism pattern
  • Steel parts with FrameLink system anti-rust treatment
  • Draining drain plug
  • Filter pump for water filtration (58389)
  • Filter cartridge (58012)
  • Safety ladder (58331)
  • Cover (58249)
  • Assembly in 20 minutes without the use of tools

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