Spiderman Bestway Swimming Vest

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The SpiderMan swimming vest for Bestway is a proposal for children who want to learn how to swim, and by the way look like a hero from your favorite fairy tale.

The vest will be great during the first adventures with swimming lessons.
The vest ideally suited for the child, thanks to three independent chambers will keep the child on the surface of the water. The inflatable collar protects the child's head against immersion, and adjustable buckles will prevent it from slipping out of the vest. The red and blue color ensures great visibility of the child. The vest is designed for a weight of 18-30kg, when controlling an adult person, it will provide safe and fun play in the water.

  • 3 air chambers
  • inflatable collar
  • fastened with buckles
  • dimension 51 x 46 cm
  • weight 18-30kg
  • recommended age 3-6 years
  • PVC material with a thickness of 0.22 mm

The vest is intended only for use in water, at the depth allowing the child to feel the bottom, under the care of a parent.
Tech specs:
3 +
package size:
19cm x 14cm x 3cm
0,36 kg

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