Casio Jw 200sc Gy Desktop Calculator

SKU: 2019665

Sale price9.200 BHD


● Just type calculator
Smart design calculator that is easy to use on the counter
● Tilt screen
display You can freely adjust the angle of the screen.
● Tax calculation
Consumption tax can be calculated with or without tax, and the tax rate can be changed.
● Calculation status display
What kind of calculation are you doing now? Can be confirmed, so calculation errors can be prevented.
● 2
Even if the light is blocked during power calculation, the built-in battery protects the calculation contents.
● Supports quick hits Supports quick hits of
Product name Casio CASIO Calculator JW-200SC-GY-N-DP
Model number JW-200SC-GY-N-DP
Manufacturer Casio
Manufacturer's suggested retail price Open price
Manufacturer release date September 07, 2018
Manufacturer's warranty period 1 year

Body size (H x W x D) mm

11 x 109 x 184



Power supply used

2 power supplies (even if the light is blocked during the calculation, the built-in battery protects the calculation contents)

Battery life

Approximately 3 years (when used for 1 hour a day)

Tax calculation key


number of digits 12 digits

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