Casio Pocket Calculator

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Portable Type DIGIT 8 digits Tax calculation Tax calculation Automatic calculation of tax-added price, tax-free price, discount, selling price, tax amount, discount amount, and margin amount. Solar Energy and Battery Solar Energy and Battery It works with solar energy when the light is sufficient, and with the battery when it is not enough. Function command signs Function command signs A symbol (+, -, ×, ÷) on the screen indicates the status of the operation you are currently performing. Key rollover Key rollover No information is lost even during high-speed input, as the operations performed with the keys are stored in the buffer. Large display Large, easy-to-read display. Plastic keys Plastic keys Designed and manufactured for easy use. Profit margin percent Profit margin rate ' % ' The key provides easy access to price and profit information, while also displaying additions, discounts, rates and increase/decrease values. Durable metal Faceplate Metal finish With its durable coating, it withstands harsh conditions.

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