Royalford RF1643 Royalford 3Pc Hot Pot Insulated Food Warmer Thermal Casserole Dish Double Wall Insulated Serving

SKU: RF1643

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Royalford 3Pcs Classic Casserole Set,Aluminium Interior Insulates Your Dish

Enjoy a warm meal even up to 3 hours later with the thermally insulated interior of our casseroles! This is great for events, parties, and picnics. Just place the lid on top to keep the food warm until mealtime comes around, and your guests will surely be pleased!
Are you a busy parent trying to prepare healthy meals for your children on top of having a full workload schedule? Cooking fresh dishes for every meal takes up too much of your time? Prepare a large batch and store them in these thermal food containers to keep them fresh for hours! No need for microwaving! Our casseroles help keep essential vitamins and nutrients in your carefully prepared meals.
Hassle-Free Handling - Have you ever had to carry a heavy hot pot to your dining table, only for the shoddy handles to suddenly give-up and dump your masterpiece uselessly on the ground?


Worry no more! With our casseroles doubling as serving dishes, you'll never have to fret about handling heavy loads of food. Equipped with ergonomically-designed handles, have an effortlessly perfect and stable grip with our casseroles! These handles are engineered to support heavy loads efficiently, ensuring safe handling even for children. They also remain insulated apart from the body of the casserole, protecting your hands from the heat of the food and preventing damage to your hands!

  • SET INCLUDES 3 CASSEROLES - One set provides for a sufficient selection of durable containers that are perfect for family gatherings, and are easily transportable in case of picnics and/or catering services. Capacity- 1.2L, 1.6L, and 2.5L, Product Dimensions - 25.5 x 25 x 27 cm, Product Weight for the whole set - 1.87 kg
  • FEATURES AN ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - The simple yet aesthetically pleasing design will surely fit your kitchen's style and enhance the feel of merriment that your guests will enjoy during your feast. They are also perfect as home-warming gifts!
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED HANDLES - You doesn't have to worry about accidentally dropping your precious cargo with our ergonomically-designed handles that will ensure safe and comfortable handling for you. Minimize the strain on your hands and arms when you carry heavy contents with these life-savers!
  • FOR KEEPING FOOD WARM AND COOL - The design makes the Thermo bowls a real eye-catcher on your set table and they keep meals warm up to 4 hours. Helps retain temperature (hot or cold) and nutritional value of food, So now potatoes and sauces stay warm for a long time and desserts refreshingly cool;
  • STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR - Make sure your food remains in good temperature with our casseroles that are equipped with an aluminium interior; the perfect insulator to make sure your food stays fresh! Moreover, the product is dishwasher safe. Simply pop into your dishwashers to wash out residue.

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