Classic World Hedgehog Pounding Bench

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CLASSIC WORLD brand is a great multifunctional toy that allows the child to carry out various activities. The toy consists of a  hammer, which is used to hammer colored blocks. From the side, you can insert blocks appropriately selected in shape or color. In addition, the set also includes colorful cymbals that make sounds
when you hit them with a hammer.


  • Toy
  • 3 in 1 - these are simultaneously  cymbals, a nail with a hammer, and a sorter
  • The toy allows you to play  5 sounds, - it is a sufficient amount that even a small child can handle, and at the same time sufficient to play simple motifs, for example from fairy tales
  • The toy allows you to puncture 2 balls
  • The toy allows you to match 4 blocks
  • The toy is made of  varnished wood and painted with non-toxic paints - completely safe for children

The toy develops:

  • musical sensitivity
  • motor skills - fine motor skills

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