Classic World Numbers Beads

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A wooden interlacing for children from Classic World. It has 12 elements: numbers, an addition sign, and an equal sign. It is a great educational toy that will not only allow your toddler to practice basic math, but also improve his dexterity and precision of hand movements.


  • Laces and braids are some of the best toys for children aged 18 months and over.
  •  They are available in many thematic variants and with different levels of difficulty - so you can choose a toy perfect for each toddler.
  • A cross-stitch with number-shaped beads is a great product that will allow children to develop several skills at once.
  •  It is extremely important that the beads represent numbers, so children can practice simple maths - adding up to 10.
  • Clumsy children's hands train in this way to hit the holes with a needle, thanks to which it is easier for them to make precise, skillful movements later.

The toy develops: 

  • coordination.
  • dexterity,
  • manual skills,
  • learning numbers,
  • the ability to solve the first mathematical operations. 

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