Classic World Wooden Laces Interlace Thread Animals 10pcs

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CLASSIC WORLD Wooden Lace Animals is an excellent wooden teaching aid. Thanks to it, the child will learn how to use a shoelace. Through play, he will see how easy and pleasant it is. An additional task of the laces is to practice manual and visual dexterity.


  • – The set includes 5 animals: an elephant, a hedgehog, a crocodile, a peacock, an owl,
  • - The child's task is to fit the head, legs, ears, or tail to the base of the animal, and then connect them together with a string,
  • – The whole thing is made of varnished wood and painted with non-toxic paints that will satisfy every user and give a lot of fun.

The toy develops:

  • - small motor skills,
  • - hand-eye coordination,
  • - manual skills,
  • – color recognition.

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