Clikon 46 Liter Microwave Toaster 700 watts

SKU: CK4314-M

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Clikon toaster oven consumes 700W of energy. This toaster oven is available at The Clikon Toaster - CK4314 is designed to use convection heat to ensure faster cooking. It features a variable temperature control so that you can set its temperature depending on the food being cooked. Thanks to the dual-layer heating system, this toaster oven gives you perfectly cooked dishes. It has a timer with alarm that can be set up to 90 minutes, so you need not worry about overcooking. It features a compact design that makes it perfect for smaller kitchens.

Compact Yet Spacious

This Clikon toaster oven has a capacity of 46L, which means it can prepare food in larger batches. Though it is spacious inside, it has a small body that allows you to place it anywhere in your kitchen with ease.

Facilitates Faster Cooking

This toaster oven uses convection heating technique to ensure faster cooking. It six heat settings allow you to set the temperature as per the food you are cooking. With dual layer heating, this toaster oven gives you perfectly cooked dishes every time.


Technical Specifications

Type: Compact
Brand: Clikon
Color: Grey
Width: 620 mm
EAN-13: 6291106794847
Height: 525 mm
Capacity: 46 Liters
Item EAN: 2724459078783
Material: Metal
Model Number: CK4314
Package Width: 53 centimeters
Package height: 40 centimeters
Package thickness: 62 centimeters
Energy consumption: 700 watts
Package weight in KGs: 11800 grams

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