Clssic World Iris Music Set

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Take off into the world of music with a set of Musical Instruments from the Classic World brand. Thanks to this toy, your child can explore the world of music and sound in an easy and pleasant way, from an early age. Instruments fit perfectly into small hands. All the included instruments are painted in beautiful colorful shades with animal and nature themes. Such a toy develops musical skills, creativity, and imagination.  


  •  - A large set of instruments includes 5 elements: cymbals, rattle, drum, 2 sticks,
  •  - Perfect for a small handle.
  •  - They do not have sharp edges and their surface is smooth.
  •  - Toys made of high-quality wood, painted with non-toxic paints, safe for children and the environment.


  •  - develops musical skills
  •  - awakens imagination
  •  - shapes creativity

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