Cutter Snap Blade Model 180 9mm Blade Olfa Metal Handle With Blade Snapper

SKU: 1800345

Sale price0.900 BHD


Metal handle with pocket clip/blade snapper. Most popular standard cutter, unbeatable for economy and quality.
  • Automatic locking slide mechanism
  • Body all metal resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Ultra-thin for handling
  • No tool blade change
  • Pocket clip and built-in blade snapper
  • Preloaded with a 9 mm AB precision silver seable blade

Preloaded with a 9mm silver AB silver seed blade of precision, the 180 model is ideal for precision cutting jobs such as wallpaper, vinyl and window films. He also handles general use at home/office and other light cutting jobs. Small but durable, the 180 model allows precision cuts in thin materials such as paper while resisting cardboard and packaging, thermo-retractable film, caulking, foam cardboard, molding, etc.

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