D'Addario Joe Satriani Guitar Picks Black 10 Pack


Sale price3.600 BHD


Material Celluloid
Size Light
Brand D'Addario
Compatible Devices Guitar
Number of Pieces 10

About this item

  • Collectible Joe Satriani guitar picks

  • Each high quality celluloid pick features original Joe Satriani artwork

  • Light gauge (46mm) ideal for strumming

  • Highly detailed artwork on every pick

  • Available in other gauges

  • Product description

    Product Description

    JS Design picks are made of premium celluloid and feature 10 different Joe Satriani original designs.

    From the Manufacturer

    D'Addario/Planet Waves Guitar Picks

    Guitar picks may seem like a simple tool but with varying materials, shapes and colors to choose from, D'Addario/Planet Waves has made it easier than ever to help you find the right pick for your playing style. The following guide will help you differentiate between varying shapes, materials and tonal characteristics.

    Pick Shape:

    D'Addario/Planet Waves offers three different pick shapes, each having their own advantages:               Standard - Perfect for picking or strumming, the standard shape is by far the most popular as it offers enough area for a firm grip but also has more defined tip for good note articulation. Many players also turn the pick around and use the rounder edge for a softer attack and warmer tone.        Wide - Wide picks are easy to hold and offer multiple picking areas by simply rotating the pick as one edge begins to wear.        Jazz - Jazz shaped picks like our Black Ice Picks are the ultimate for pick control and articulation. The small size and sharp shaped tip allows the pick to have a fast response and bright tone with excellent note definition. This pick is a favorite among jazz, progressive rock and metal guitarists.

    Pick Material & Tone:

    Try this experiment. Take some picks of different material and drop them onto a counter top. Notice how they all sound different when they hit the counter. The same rules apply when they strike a string as well. The material and thickness that your pick is made out of can have a dramatic effect on your overall tone.

    Classic and Pearl Celluloid - Celluloid is one of the most popular guitar pick materials today. Available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and thicknesses, celluloid is known for providing a natural feel and warm, fat tone. A man-made material, celluloid was first introduced in the early 1900's as a substitute for natural tortoise shell picks. Our Pearl Celluloid Assortments are a top-selling choice. Duralin - Duralin is a unique material with an extraordinary combination of strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance and low friction. Normally used as a replacement for metal bushings and bearings in industrial applications, this extremely durable polymer is ideal for picks. Duralin picks are known for their bright clicking sound when hitting strings and are preferred by many soloists for their clear articulation on fast single note passages. Cortex - Cortex picks are precision molded to eliminate grain structures, allowing for dynamic pick response. This unique material closely resembles actual tortoise shell in feel and sound yet offers high strength, durability and heat resistance. Cortex long lasting picks offer excellent attack with a clean, crisp tone for superior note definition, allowing notes to leap from your strings. Attack, control, clarity and durability...Cortex Picks! Nylflex - Inspired by the revered nylon picks of the 50's and 60's, the D'Addario/Planet Waves Nyflex is the first nylon pick to capture the flexible feel, warm tone and molded grip pattern of the original, delivering an authentic, vintage playing experience in its entirety. Now you can finally experience the feel and tone that was so eagerly sought out by now Hall of Fame guitarist during the birth of rock-n-roll. Nylflex, the modern pick for vintage tone! Cellu-Glo - D'Addario/Planet Waves puts a new twist on celluloid picks. Now you can still have the natural feel and warm fat tone of celluloid in a "glow in the dark" pick. Simply pre-charge the picks in natural sunlight or under a light bulb and you have a pick that not only sounds great but looks great too. The Cellu-Glo picks add a new visual element to your playing and are also easy to find on dark stages.

    Experiment and have fun with the tonal variations that can be achieved by simply changing your pick. In fact, many guitarists and studio musicians will use different materials depending the guitar and style that they are playing.

    Specialty and Artist Picks:

    D'Addario/Planet Waves offers an exclusive line of licensed and signature picks featuring artwork from: The BeatlesJoe SatrianiKiss, and Woodstock.

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