Dark Divide

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At a boarding school full of spies-in-training, nothing ever stays quiet for long. With the trials of her first semester behind her, sixteen-year-old Nadia Riley returns to Desert Mountain Academy--an elite boarding school secretly housing a CIA training facility--to complete her junior year. After uncovering a double agent and neutralizing a threat to national security, keeping up with her coursework and navigating an uncertain romance seems like more than enough drama. But Nadia's first survival course takes a terrifying turn when she realizes she's being hunted by a familiar foe. The traitor she exposed is after her--because he needs her help, to protect someone he loves. But can she really trust a guy who was once tasked to kill her? In this heart-pounding sequel to Desert Dark, the stakes get ever higher as Nadia uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy with roots closer to home than she ever could have imagined. Told through the alternate perspectives of a diverse cast of characters, Dark Divide is a fast-paced thriller perfect for fans of Marie Lu's Legend series or James Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy.

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