Double Side Tissue Tape 1/2 15Yd Ds 003 12Mm

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For maximum bond strength, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Typical cleaning solvents are heptane or isopropyl alcohol. Carefully read and follow manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using cleaning solvents. This adhesive tape is NOT like normal adhesive tape that you can feel the adhesiveness when you use it. This tape need time and pressure to get into its adhesiveness. You have to press hard to one surface, than take out the red protective plastic and press the other surface part onto the Dark Grey part of the tape and leave that for 3 days to have the full bond strength. This is 3M product and we just sell whatever they have made. Customers are advise to search for more usage details from 3M web site.

  • Double Side Tissue Tapes
  • Emulsion Based Acrylic
  • Adhesive on both sides

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