EVE Valkyrie™ - PlayStation 4

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Conquer the universe in EVE: Valkyrie. Immersive visuals, incredible virtual reality and powerful single-player modes ensure you get hundreds of hours of gameplay as you battle a variety of pirate factions for loot, power and notoriety. Skill-based character progression and an impressive upgrade system keep you moving through the storyline of EVE: Valkyrie.


Become an elite fighter pilot and immerse yourself in virtual reality space combat

Gorgeous VR visuals immerse you in the action like never before

Cutting-edge virtual reality gameplay takes space combat into the future

Wide variety of ships, customization options, weapon load outs, and combat styles

Skill-based character progression and ship upgrades give you complete control over your pilot's combat style

Stunning EVE Universe setting and deep backstory place you in a futuristic sci-fi world that becomes more than real

Competitive multiplayer action rewards teamwork and tactics

For 1 player or multiplayer support

Key Specs

  • ESRB Rating : T (Teen 13+)
  • ESRB Descriptors  : Mild language, Violence
  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Product Name : EVE Valkyrie™
  • Brand : Sony
  • Publisher : Sony
  • Model Number : 3001937

Game Details

  • Genre : Action and Adventure, First Person Shooter
  • Multiplayer : Yes

Certifications & Listings

  • ESRB Rating : T (Teen 13+)
  • ESRB Descriptors : Mild language, Violence


  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Video Game Content Included : Full game


  • UPC : 711719506423

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