Together With Exploring Art & Activity For Class 3

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  1. A large variety of activities, like Clay Modelling, Origami, Tear & Paste, Games, etc., has made this series immensely interesting.
  2. Children need not purchase anything for doing an activity. Maximum material has been
    provided. A few things needed are not provided. You may search for them in your own house.
  3. The book contains 80% of the Artwork to enable the children to focus on sequential learning.
  4. The pages in the series contain never-seen-before activities such as Magic Spotter (P. 50 – Book 6), (P. 38 – Book 7), Double Flaps (P. 28, 29 – Book 6), Stickers (P. 7 – Book 8), OHP
    Sheet (P. 36 – Book 7), etc.
  5. The Material Kit has been provided at the end of the book which will facilitate the learning.
  6. There are some new lessons like observation, basics of computer design and 2d animation, action drawing, mural art, etc.
  7. A competition page has been provided at the end of the book in which the winning paintings can be displayed on the school,s notice board. This page also suggests the strengths and the areas of improvement the children can build over time.
  8. The content of the book covers some basic knowledge of Geography, History, and Science.
  9. Although the series is meant for class 6, 7 and 8 students, it can be referred to anyone who aspires to learn drawing and painting techniques from the basics.
  10. The element of art has been taught with the process of the step wherever possible.
  11. There are some interactive tasks for children on almost every page.
  12. The purpose of the interactive exercises is to make a child think and do. This will improve his/her problem-solving ability.

Exploring Art & Activity Class - 3

  • Art & Craft
  • Rachna Sagar Pvt.Ltd.
  • Class 3
Author Seema Gupta
Revised Edition
Board CBSE

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