Fat Reducing Belt Velform Sauna Slimmer Unisex

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Product details of Fat Reducing Belt Velform Sauna Slimmer Unisex

  • Will make you even more sweat during your workouts
  • Suitable for both the man and woman
  • Slimming belt is easy to adapt
  • Not showing up under your normal clothing
  • Made of different compression materials and polymer
  • Color: Black/Grey

Velform a Slimmer waist belt, Sauna rolled calories as Wat karma in the metabolism of fat. New, lightweight as a second skin It is very comfortable to wear. You hardly notice that you wear it. You just put it in your body's waist, which uses the heat from your natural body to promote work. This method will help your abdomen and waist become thinner, faster than you think.
A special blend of polymers and compression fabrics that are sealed in your natural heat, creating a sauna experience, a sweat sauna that focuses on serious, just doing everyday activities such as walking your dog's chung. Or doing daily activities with Sauna Slimmer. You will get more than 2-3 times the calories burned regularly if you do not wear a 15 or 20 minute walk to wear a regular exercise suit. As can burn 75-100 calories are calories because you do not sweat too much. This same walk by opening the Slimmer sauna and burning your calories will be close to 150-300 calories, allowing you to get a beautiful natural shape.
Velform Sauna Slimmer Waist belt Rolled calories Helps to burn calories
- Polymers and compression fabrics that are sealed in natural heat Helps to sweat more than usual.
- The fabric is flexible, wear comfortable making on a daily basis throughout the day
- write in activities outside sports, gardening activities, many
-Velform Sauna Slimmer can burn Catalog Gallery has more than three. times
- for both men and women. Fabric can be washed, washed and cleaned.

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