Fox 40 Electronic Whistle


Sale price9.000 BHD


  • Professional electronic whistle activated by pressing a button, thanks to which it can be used by many people
  • The perfect accessory for every trainer, suitable for workouts and matches
  • Equipped with a comfortable wrist strap
  • Its durability is as high as 125 decibels, the characteristic sound dominates over the noise characteristic of a stadium filled to the brim, or above the sounds of street traffic
  • It Has 4 functions: (0) switch, (1-3) change of tone (tone 1, tone 2, tone 3)
  • Hygienic solution for many users
  • Sound strong, clean, monotonous
  • Can be used in all temperatures and environments
  • Easy to use
  • Contains a 9 Volt battery

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