FreeBuds 4 Hero - CT060 Silver Frost

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Call quality 1. The send/receive loudness, noise floor, frequency response, and distortion, as well as echo, comply with the calling standard TS26131-32. 2. Noise cancellation performance during calls The earphones integrate Huawei's noise canceling algorithms, giving them a reception TMOS of 3.7 or greater, and a transmission POLQA of 3.5 or greater. Speaker -14.3 mm large LCP dynamic driver unit Microphone. Triple microphones, supporting uplink noise cancellation during calls; Two of them support ANC Weight Each earphone: approx. 4.1 g
(Note: Actual product weight will vary depending on the configuration and manufacturing process.) Dimensions 41.4 mm x 16.8 mm x 18.55 mm. Temperature - Operating temperature: 0°C to 35°C Charging temperature: 0°C to 48 °C Storage temperature: –20°C to 45°C Certification Obtained SRRC and BQB Bluetooth certificates. Environmental protection requirements Comply with the RoHS and halogen-free environmental protection requirements.

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