GARDENA Aquazoom Sprayer

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The GARDENA Comfort Aquazoom 250/2 Sprayer is ideal for watering small rectangular areas from 25 m² to 250 m² maximum. It can cover a freely adjustable radius from 7 m to 18 m maximum and has independently adjustable spray width of 3.5 m to 14 m maximum.


Coverage area: 25-250 m²

Launch length : 7-18 m

Maximum beam width 14 m



Name: Comfort Hedge Clipper 570

Model/SKU: 0392

Price (without VAT): 13

Quantity Available: 3


Ideal for contour cutting: Its straight-ground blades make it ideal for precise cutting of topiaries

Convenient operation: Convenient work provided by ergonomically shaped handles with gel pads and shock absorption

Practical details: With integrated branch cutter for thick branches


Product Dimensions    22.83 x 7.68 x 1.18 inches

Item Weight    0.7 kg

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