Garlic Masher Multifunctional Garlic Press Manual Ginger Garlic Crusher Chopper

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Products: mini vegetable mincerFeatures: The chopper can easily chop various foods.User manual:1. Put the sheet in the center of the clear container carefully.2. Cut the food into pieces and put them in the bowl. Don't put too much or toolittle, and we appreciate half for better performance.3. Before chopping, cover the bowl lid.4. Hold the lid with one hand and pull the food chopping rope with the other.5. Carefully remove the blades first and then remove the chopped food.Baby food:1. Open the mincer, install the blade shaft, and then steam squash cubes. It isnecessary to add a little water or milk to the baby's food.2. Close the lid and pull the string.3. After rotating the lid, the blade shaft will separate from the container withthe lid.

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