Geepas Electric 2 Head Massager

SKU: GM86044

Sale price15.800 BHD


  • KNOTTY MUSCLE & SPASMS RELIEF! YOU WILL LOVE THIS DEEP TISSUE MASSAGER! - Want to get rid of your back pain or unbearable knots in your back? No need to suffer from a weak powerless flimsy wobbly muscle massager. This Mighty Geepas handheld massager is perfect. Super powerful to increase blood circulation & relax your muscles effectively - Relieves pain in seconds.
  • BRILLIANT SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - 3 DIFFERENT MASSAGE HEADS - Economically and practically efficient - Cordless & lightweight so that you can SCHLEP it along anywhere, to fit your lifestyle need. Powerful enough for professionals but designed for at-home therapy and muscle recovery.
  • HEAT THERAPY TO MELT ALL YOUR STRESS AWAY – The heat function of the deep tissue massager offers an extra-luxurious performance with heat suitable for stress-relief full body massage and heat therapy. The back massager will spread warmth to reduce the lactic acid level and relax tension and knots by deep tissue massage, stimulating skin and vessels for better blood circulation, soothing away aches and back pains any time you need it.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS, 3 CUSTOMIZED MODES - With adjustable speeds, the portable massager helps you personalize your experience. You can set the speed for a relaxing or rough massage. Percussion mode offers deep tissue tension relief. Vibration mode targets delicate tissue and fascia mode pinpoints pressure areas.

    Have a soothing and painless sleep after having a Massage with the Double Head Geepas Massager.



    If you or a family member is feeling stressed, tired, or sore after a long day at work, the Geepas Electric Percussion Massager is a perfect gift to use in the home, office and anywhere. This Electric Percussion Massager has a powerful motor and is made out of high-quality ABS plastic. It can effectively help you relieve aches and pains in your body. It features a variable-speed powerful motor that has adjustable intensity and three modes to match your preference.



    It utilizes red light technology to aid in pain relief, muscle recovery, and promotion of blood circulation reduces stress and finally saves your money and time.



    SKIN-FRIENDLY MASSAGER FOR COMFORTABLE & SAFE USE - Unlike other cheap, hard plastic massage heads, the geepas handheld massager adopts soft material with 3 massage nodes. You can truly enjoy a comfortable and safe body massage with enough power while causing no unwelcome pain or hurt. What's more, the 6 skin-friendly massage heads can directly contact the skin across almost the whole body, further relaxing and relieve the stress built up throughout your nerves.



    THERAPEUTIC AND FATIGUE RELIEF MASSAGER - Relieves built-up muscle tension and pain while enhancing blood circulation. Built for deep tissue body kneading.



    EASY TO USE - Non-slip & comfortable grip, built with a strong rubber grip for ease of use and comfort while massaging, easy to use handheld design, long Cord - Wattage for this product is 20-28W.



    ERGONOMIC HANDLE - The ergonomic handle helps you massage hard-to-reach areas, like your lower and upper back. The long handle and comfortable grip design are perfect for treating others and for self-use at home.




    Power Supply Range: Ac 220-240V,


    Frequency Range: 50/60Hz.


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