Geepas Garment Steamer - 1800W

SKU: GGS9695

Sale price22.010 BHD


Geepas Garment Steamer - 1800W

  • 1-Instant Heat This Steamer is very easy to use and gives quick functioning to help you in an instant last-minute refresh. After turning it on, the steamer is ready for use in just 45 seconds.
  • 2-High-Quality Adjustable Poles This item has high-quality telescopic poles that can be adjusted with ease. You can easily set it according to the garment length. It is durable and suitable for all types of clothes. The poles can be retracted which allows easy storage. It keeps your place neat and tidy.
  • 3-2 Liter Water Tank, Continuous Steam For 50 Minutes This garment steamer has a water tank with large water holding capacity of 2 liters. It can blow continuous steam for over 50 minutes. It decreases the number of refills to be done and increases your work efficiency.
  • 4-Water Dry Protection This device will also turn off when the water level is extremely low. It is recommended to do an immediate refill or turn the device off when the water is running low. Not doing so might decrease the appliance's lifespan and affect its performance.

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