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Explore the cosmos in Genesis: Alpha One for PlayStation 4. Build a spaceship, gather resources and explore a randomly generated universe as you search for a new home for humanity's DNA. Genesis: Alpha One features a variety of mechanics and challenges that keep you on your toes as you save humanity from the brink.


Build and manage your unique starship - Your ship carries the future of humanity and it's up to you to gather up the necessary resources to traverse the vast ocean of space in order to find a new home for humanity

Starting with a small vessel, you'll have to build and maintain an intergalactic ark by combining dozens of upgradable ship building modules, including crew quarters, workshops, hangars, clone labs and greenhouses

Explore a vast, randomly generated universe - Every journey begins with a huge, randomized galaxy. Discover new planets, encounter asteroid fields, sun storms, rogue commanders and deadly cosmic spores as you explore the vastness of space

You'll come across the wrecks of ships that have been lost to the void, and off-ship expeditions will take you to the surface of alien planets to harvest their resources

Battle alien infestations - Humanity is extending its grasp further, and you'll discover that they aren't alone beyond the boundaries of known space. Every contact with a new place runs the risk of introducing the player to alien lifeforms

Alien infestations can spread quickly, contaminating the ship and crew. An arsenal of ship weapons and defenses help you fight the alien threat, including Turrets, Force Fields, Assault Rifles, Laser Blasters, and more

Clone your crew and create new lifeforms - As your ship grows, so must your crew. Using groundbreaking cloning technology, your crew will expand to meet the needs of the ship

Take DNA from the aliens you encounter across the galaxy and splice them with the members of your crew to get a chance to prosper with new abilities far beyond what could be previously imagined

Harvest resources from the vastness of space - Roaming the immense universe won't be possible without gathering resources through planet harvesting

Elements such as Iron, Copper, Uranium and Plutonium must be mined from planets and then refined on board your ship. These will be utilized to build new modules, weapons, clones and tools

Uncover the story of the Genesis program - Discover an expansive lore with immersive narrative elements. Events on Earth progress much faster than on board the ship - each light speed jump will fast-forward events on Earth by several years

From distant, deep space, players will see wars starting and ending, corporations rising and their agendas changing, people being born, growing old and dying

Secure humanity's future - In a science fiction story of biblical proportions, the crew of your ship will seek out the perfect home planet for the clones you have created during your expedition and initiate a Genesis

After a Genesis is initiated, your reward will be based on the fate of your settlers in 500 years' time

For one player

Key Specs

  • ESRB Rating : M (Mature 17+)
  • ESRB Descriptors : Blood and gore, Language, Violence
  • Compatible Platform(s) : PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Product Name : Genesis Alpha One
  • Brand : Team17
  • Publisher : Team17
  • Model Number  : SOS01154

Game Details

  • Genre : Action and Adventure, First Person Shooter, Simulation
  • Multiplayer : No

Certifications & Listings

  • ESRB Rating : M (Mature 17+)
  • ESRB Descriptors ; Blood and gore, Language, Violence


  • Compatible Platform(s) ; PlayStation 4
  • Software Format : Physical


  • Video Game Content Include : Full game


  • UPC : 812303011542

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