Gold Fish Flake 50G

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Bob Martin Neptune Goldfish Flakes Fish Food 50g

Bob Martin Neptune Goldfish Flakes are the perfect fish food for your goldfish. Formulated to be easily digested by your fish, leaving clearer water and a healthier environment. Neptune Flakes are high quality, complete food ideal for providing balanced nutrition to help keep coldwater fish, including all types of aquarium and pond goldfish, active and healthy 50g.


Cereals, fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, yeast, molluscs, crustaceans, algae, vegetables, oils and fats, lecithin, antioxidants and colourants. Analytical

  • Easy To Digest For Clearer Water
  • Balanced Nutrition For Healthy, Beautiful Fish
  • Premium Tropical Fish Flakes Food
  • Contains Natural Paprika, Krill, Spirulina Algae, Precise Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals
  • A Complete Diet, Suitable For All Tropical Fish Tetras, Guppys, Bettas, Angels, Cichlids, Mollys, Plattys, Corydoras, Swordtails, Neons, Shrimp, Omnivores And Many More
  • Unsurpassed Formula Made With High Quality Natural Ingredients
  • 50g

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