Hasbro Play Doh Classic Colours Pack 1×8

SKU: E5062ES00

Sale price5.900 BHD


Plasticine from the Play-Doh series has a pleasant to the touch texture, which is why children are so fond of sculpting a wide variety of figures from it. Develop imaginative skills and create amazing creations with the Play-Doh color pack. The set includes 8 different Rainbow colored plasticines from Play-Doh plasticine: red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, purple and white. Teachers can also use these Rainbow colors for classroom activities.

Play-Doh plasticine is absolutely safe for a child’s health, even if swallowed.

  • Read the instructions before using
  • Remove all elements designed to fasten and protect the product during transport before giving it to children (plastic pieces, labels, wires, etc.)

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